Elevate Events with Our Mini-Coach Shuttle Bus Service

Elevate Events with Our Mini-Coach Shuttle Bus Service

Go big or go home? When you ride with us, you don’t have to choose just one. 

With Ambassador Limousine, your premier destination for luxury transportation in Calgary, you can do both: Go big and then go home—safely and in sophisticated style. 

At our company, we know very well that it’s not just about the destination itself; the journey matters just as much. As you journey to and from life’s biggest events, our team ensures that the ride is equally memorable. From a professional chauffeur team to top-tier vehicles that embody both visual and mechanical perfection, we’ve got all your luxury transportation needs covered.

And when the party calls for a bigger ride, that’s when our Mini-Coach Shuttle Bus Service comes rolling in like the true superstar that it is. Capable of carrying 24 passengers and up to 20 bags, you’re entire A-team guest list can be together in one ride that’s safe, sound, and sophisticated.  

Find out everything you need to know about our high-capacity shuttle bus service below! 

Luxurious Features of Our Mini Coach Shuttle Bus Service

Why wait till you reach the venue before you get the party started? With our shuttle bus service, exciting memories are made from the moment you take your seat.

Are you ready to meet your ultimate partner in elevating life’s biggest events? Take large-vehicle comfort to the next level and experience the best of exceptionally smooth rides. Check out what our Mini Coach shuttle bus service has to offer:

Passenger capacity: 24

Luggage capacity: 20 pieces 

Professional Chauffeur Team 

Beyond a luxurious fleet, we take pride in our chauffeurs who are experts in all aspects of the limousine and shuttle service experience. Prioritizing both safety and convenience, they consistently ensure that the time you spend in our vehicles is exceptional.  

Whether they’re catering to the busiest of schedules or driving for you during your leisurely time off, our chauffeurs are always professional, personable, and presentable.

Detailing, Mechanic, and Body Shop Team 

We’re all about the little details. Your vehicle will be 100% flawless.

Our shuttle bus service vehicles undergo intensive detailing to remain fully maintained and polished on a daily basis. Thanks to our detailing, mechanic, and body shop team, you can expect nothing less than mechanical perfection and showroom-quality vehicles. These are key aspects to ensuring that you and your guests are safe and comfortable on the road as you make your way to the occasion. 

20 Pieces of Luggage 

20 bags, 1 ride? Put all of that on the sturdy shoulders of our shuttle bus service.

As you experience luxury transportation in Calgary at its finest, your valuable luggage will be stored safely and securely. Rather than opting for a separate vehicle to carry large loads of luggage, your guests will have peace of mind knowing that their valuables are traveling safely with them. We guarantee comfort and safety for you and your luggage. 

2 by 2 Bus Seating 

With a 2 by 2 bus seating setup, in our Calgary shuttles. 

Everybody’s got a seatmate; no awkward 3 by 1 seating. It’s the perfect setting for the best conversations to unfold as you head to your exciting destinations. Take selfies and tell stories—make it a ride to remember. 

Luxurious Leather Seating 

It isn’t luxury transportation in Calgary at its finest until luxurious leather seating, armrests, and individual seatbelts are there to complete the equation. Easy disinfection for your peace of mind and no unsightly stains you’d usually see on fabric seats leather seating is here to always keep things neat and classy. 

Comfortability and aesthetics are everything, and as you sit back and relax in our shuttle bus service, you get to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Spacious Aisles 

The spacious aisle of our shuttle bus service ensures that you and your guests never get that stuffy feeling as you hit the road. Easily get on and off your ride, so you don’t lose a single minute of all the fun planned out for the day. 

Sleek Black and Gray Interiors 

From the ceiling to the floor, our sleek black and gray interiors never fail to set an opulent tone. 

All Non-Smoking Vehicles 

All of our vehicles are non-smoking. Cigarettes, cannabis, and vaping are prohibited in our vehicles as per Livery Transport Bylaw 20M2021. There’s nothing but fresh, unpolluted air in all our luxury rides. 

Gift Certificate Options 

Who wouldn’t want to receive a luxurious ride experience as a present?

You can purchase an Ambassador Limousine Gift Certificate in any denomination and make it a gift for a friend or family member, a door price, or even a raffle win. 

Types of Events to Elevate with Our Mini Coach Shuttle Bus Service

When’s the best time to call for luxury transportation in Calgary? When life’s biggest events with a large guest list pop up on your calendar, of course. With shuttle services, you can stop worrying about whether your guests will make it on time or whether they can all find a convenient parking space. Beyond providing immense convenience for your guests, everyone being in one vehicle also makes the overall event experience more memorable. 

Our Mini Coach shuttle bus service is a popular choice—and it’s perfect for the following occasions:

Birthday Parties 

Throwing the birthday bash of the year means making unforgettable memories from the beginning until the end. Tell all your friends and family to be at the ready—because the invitation for all things happy and fun starts the moment they get on this ride. 


Say “I do” to luxury transportation in Calgary. Gather all your nearest and dearest and treat them to a ride in a sleek shuttle bus service that ensures maximum comfortability to and from the wedding. 

You’ll never have to worry about your guests running late for the ceremony or whether they can navigate easily. 

Known for our dedication to providing safe, stress-free, and luxurious transportation, our experience is unparalleled and our level of service is unmatched.

Bridal Showers 

You deserve to shower yourself and your loved ones with all the finer things in life, like luxury transportation in a shuttle bus that ticks all the boxes. Your bridal shower just wouldn’t be the same without it. 

Graduation Parties 

Thinking about throwing a huge party for this milestone with the whole family? Or maybe you and your squad of friends want to arrive at the occasion in high style? Don’t forget to add a shuttle service to your checklist to make the ride to and from the event one that’s for the books. 

Corporate Events or Trips 

Corporate teams work hard—and so they deserve a getaway that rewards all their efforts. Whether it’s a formal event where everyone can socialize with one another or an exciting out-of-town trip that enables them to have fun and relax, there’s no doubt that gathering your team in one vehicle is a foolproof way to incorporate even more team-building elements into the event.   

You can count on us to provide a safe and luxurious mode of transportation for the whole team. 


Heading over to exciting conventions to expand your skills and industry connections? We’re here to get you there safely. Choose the exceptional service of Ambassador Limousine to take you and your team to those conventions you’ve been looking forward to.  

Sightseeing or Group Trips 

Get ready to immerse yourself in some of the most breathtaking views in Calgary. Our chauffeurs will accommodate your schedule to Kananaskis, Canmore, Banff, Lake Louise, and beyond. The most popular sites we’ve taken guests to include Golden, the Columbia Icefields, Jasper, Invermere, Fernie, and Waterton. 

Whether it’s for you and the whole family or a reunion with all of your closest friends, sightseeing and group trips reach a whole new level of unforgettableness when it’s a top-tier shuttle bus service taking you there. 

Sports Team Events

Your team has dedicated the whole year to training so they can win the game and bring the trophy home. Our Mini Coach shuttle service is the perfect ride for your team of champions. 

With its comfortable interiors, your players can get the crucial relaxation they need leading up to the game—all while creating fun memories with each other as a united team. Don’t hesitate to give yourself and your whole team the VIP treatment you deserve.

Airport Transfers 

Flying from one place to another is stressful enough—you don’t want to have to worry about whether your ride to the airport will be seamless. When it comes to airport transfers for large groups, don’t settle for less. Opt for our Mini Coach shuttle bus service to take you to your destination. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and prepare to take flight. 

How to Make a Reservation

Here’s how to make a reservation for a shuttle bus service with Ambassador Limousine:

Through Email

Contact us via reservations@chkr.net 

Hit the Road Safely and In Luxurious Style with Ambassador Limousine

Hit the Road Safely and In Luxurious Style with Ambassador Limousine

Impress your guests with Ambassador Limousine—your premier destination for luxury limo and shuttle bus service rentals in Calgary.

As a local, family-owned business that’s been operating throughout southern Alberta for over 45 years. it’s truly our experience that makes your experience so wonderful. Don’t settle for anything less than top-tier safety and sophistication.

Everyone’s a VIP with Ambassador Limousine. 

Contact us today for more information on our shuttle bus service and other options for luxury transportation in Calgary