Calgary 101: The Best Places You Should Visit to Relax

Calgary 101: The Best Places You Should Visit to Relax

Are you seeking a peaceful oasis in the bustling city of Calgary? We’ve got your back. Together, we’ll explore must-see relaxing locales in this dynamic Canadian city.

Ambassador Limousine, Calgary’s top limo rental service, helps make your journey smooth and serene. We transport you to tranquil parks, laid-back cafes, and quiet galleries in style.

You’ll love this guide to the best places to unwind. These places are perfect for both visitors and locals. You’ll discover Calgary’s hidden gems, savouring moments of calm amid your busy schedule.

Buckle up, sit back, and enjoy the ride to Calgary’s most relaxing spots. It’s relaxation 101 in our limos. Let’s start this journey of leisure in Calgary together.

10 Chill Spots in Calgary 

Our experienced chauffeurs have been in every nook and cranny of this city. Need somewhere to chill out and relax on your next trip to Calgary? Here are our top ten recommended destinations.:

1. Devonian Gardens

Enter Devonian Gardens, a haven in the heart of Calgary. Imagine strolling through a lush indoor garden, amidst city skyscrapers. This unique paradise, spanning three acres, offers serene walking paths, fountains, and koi ponds.

Its tropical setting is home to over 500 trees, plants, and flowers, creating a serene, green escape. When you ride with Ambassador Limousine, you too can experience this impressive indoor garden. 

Inside Devonian Gardens, benches and seating nooks invite you to:

  • Relax
  • Breathe deep
  • and enjoy the calming surroundings

Even during chilly winter months, this indoor wonderland remains warm, offering a tropical retreat.

A visit to Devonian Gardens means stepping away from the hustle and forgetting city stress. With our limo service taking care of travel, all you need to focus on is enjoying the tranquillity of Devonian Gardens.

Your relaxation starts with Ambassador Limousine. Let’s continue exploring Calgary’s calming spots.

2. Reader Rock Garden

Reader Rock Garden is a hidden gem in Calgary’s urban landscape. This historical garden is named after William Reader, the city’s former gardener, and offers an enchanting escape from the daily grind. 

Let Ambassador Limousine guide you to this peaceful spot, where winding pathways lead you through rock beds filled with colourful flowers and unique plants. It’s a place to pause, reflect, and admire nature’s artistry. 

The garden also hosts Reader’s Garden Café, a perfect spot to enjoy a meal in a relaxing setting. Reader Rock Garden invites you to explore nature’s creativity and find solace in its beauty. The relaxing exploration of Calgary continues, so stay with us!

3. Prince’s Island Park

Say hello to Prince’s Island Park, an urban park offering respite in the heart of Calgary.

Nestled in the Bow River, it’s a charming island getaway. Paths wind through lush green spaces, perfect for tranquil walks or bike rides. During summer, pack a picnic and lounge under tall, shady trees.

You also can’t miss the Reader Rock Cafe in the heart of the island. This spot offers some of the city’s best food, paired with some of the best views too. 

In winter, the park transforms into a snowy wonderland. With Ambassador Limousine, you travel in comfort. You can arrive refreshed and ready to embrace the park’s serene ambiance.

Prince’s Island Park is a jewel in Calgary’s crown, a place to disconnect from city noise and reconnect with nature. It’s relaxation redefined. But we’re not done yet. Stick with us, as we delve deeper into Calgary’s havens of calm.

4. Stephen Avenue Walk

Stephen Ave is Calgary’s lively pedestrian street filled with joy and energy. This historic avenue offers a delightful mix of dining, shopping, and entertainment.

With Ambassador Limousine, arrive in style, ready to explore the vibrant atmosphere.

Stroll past beautiful sandstone buildings, enjoy street performances, and savour a meal at an outdoor café. The blend of old-world charm and modern energy gives Stephen Ave. a unique vibe.

Maybe you’re shopping for local treasures or enjoying a leisurely cup of coffee. Stephen Ave. invites you to relax and revel in its urban delights.

It’s a spot to experience Calgary’s culture at its best. Join us as we continue to explore more of Calgary’s must-visit places.

5. The River Walk

The River Walk is one of Calgary’s most peaceful paths. This scenic route runs alongside the beautiful Bow River, offering picture-perfect views.

With Ambassador Limousine, you start your relaxing journey in comfort, ready for a leisurely walk or bike ride.

The River Walk is a blend of nature’s beauty and urban elegance. You’ll pass:

  • Lovely parks
  • Trendy neighbourhoods
  • and spot local wildlife

It’s a space to breathe fresh air, exercise, or simply sit and watch the river flow. The River Walk is your ticket to peace within the city, a path that lets you unwind, one step at a time.

Get ready for more tranquillity as we explore Calgary’s peaceful places together.

6. Calgary Zoo

The Calgary Zoo is more than just an animal viewing spot. It’s a vibrant, exciting location that promises adventure with every visit.

Ride with Ambassador Limousine and arrive in style, ready to explore this wildlife sanctuary.

  • Discover over 1,000 animals from around the world
  • Explore lush botanical gardens
  • and engage with interactive exhibits

You’ll love the peaceful stroll through Eurasia, the thrill of the prehistoric park, and the calm of the tranquil gardens.

It’s not just a zoo, but a sanctuary where education meets leisure, and conservation efforts inspire. The Calgary Zoo promises a day of relaxed exploration and learning.

Join us on our journey as we continue to unveil Calgary’s relaxing locales.

7. Calgary Tower

The Calgary Tower is an iconic symbol of the city.

Ascend over 600 feet to the top and prepare to be amazed by panoramic views. The tower presents Calgary in a way you’ve never seen before.

Ambassador Limousine ensures a smooth ride, allowing you to arrive stress-free, ready to take in the sights. Watch the city pulse below from the observation deck, see the Rocky Mountains in the distance, or dine at the revolving Sky 360 restaurant.

Experiencing Calgary from this height is a peaceful escape from the city’s hustle and bustle. The Calgary Tower is an unforgettable stop on your tranquil tour.

8. Kananaskis Nordic Spa

Kananaskis Nordic Spa is the perfect retreat for ultimate relaxation. Nestled in the Rocky Mountains just outside Calgary, it’s a sanctuary away from city life.

Ambassador Limousine can transport you to this haven where the journey to relaxation begins.

Here, you’ll experience traditional Scandinavian wellness practices. Move between hot, warm, and cold pools, embrace the steam and sauna, and unwind in the outdoor hammocks.

Surrounded by alpine scenery, the Kananaskis Nordic Spa offers a serene respite, nurturing both body and soul. It’s more than a spa; it’s an experience of calm in a breathtaking setting.

9. Glenbow Museum

The Glenbow Museum is a space where art, culture, and history converge.

Located in downtown Calgary, this museum is home to diverse collections and exhibits. With Ambassador Limousine, your ride to an enlightening day is ensured.

The museum offers a quiet, thoughtful environment to explore Alberta’s heritage. You can also appreciate art from around the world.

You’ll delve into fascinating stories, admire stunning artworks, and even discover global cultures.

Whether you’re a history buff or an art lover, the Glenbow Museum offers a serene setting for learning and contemplation. This peaceful place sparks curiosity, promotes understanding, and brings history to life.

10. Banff Upper Hot Springs

Finally, meet the “Banff Upper Hot Springs,” a warm, relaxing oasis near Calgary. As you soak in the naturally heated mineral water, feel your stresses melt away.

The ride with Ambassador Limousine is as calming as the destination.

These historic hot springs, nestled high in the Rocky Mountains, offer breathtaking views of Banff National Park. Open year-round, they offer a warm retreat even in winter.

The soothing water is perfect for unwinding after a day of exploring. The Banff Upper Hot Springs are your gateway to relaxation, surrounded by the splendor of nature.

With this final serene stop, our peaceful journey through Calgary comes to an end. Remember, relaxation is just a ride away with Ambassador Limousine!

Why Choose a Limo Service

A limo service isn’t just about luxury – it’s about making memories. It offers unparalleled comfort, privacy, and convenience.

With Ambassador Limousine, every journey becomes an event in itself. Leave the stress of navigation and parking to us while you focus on immersing yourself in Calgary’s beauty.

Relax on Your Trip to Calgary with Ambassador Limousine

That’s it for our serene tour of Calgary with Ambassador Limousine.

We’ve discovered tranquil parks, engaging museums, and relaxing hot springs. We’ve strolled along peaceful river walks and through vibrant streets.

Each location offers a unique way to unwind within or just outside the bustling city. And the best part? With Ambassador Limousine, your journey to these relaxing spots is as peaceful as the destination.

Remember, in the heart of the dynamic city of Calgary, relaxation is never far away. Whether you’re a visitor looking to explore or a local seeking calm amidst the daily rush, these peaceful spots offer a chance to relax and recharge.

Next time you’re searching for tranquillity in Calgary, sit back, relax, and let Ambassador Limousine guide the way. Thank you for joining us on this relaxing journey.

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