A Guide to Luxury Game Day Travel in Calgary with Ambassador Limousines 

A Guide to Luxury Game Day Travel in Calgary with Ambassador Limousines 

The crowds are roaring and the biggest sports icons are ready to become the champions on game day. There’s only one thing missing now: you and the gang cheering for your favourite team at the stadium.

But don’t just arrive at the venue as usual—arrive in style with luxury transportation in Calgary.

From skipping the stress of driving through traffic and spending hours looking for a parking space to enabling more fun memories to and from the venue, discover why opting for luxury sports event transportation is a winning move.

Ambassador Limousines—a leader in Calgary limo service—is here to open the door for you and take you on a ride through “The Ultimate Guide to Luxury Game Day Travel.”

The Types of Luxury Transportation for Sporting Events

Luxury transportation is all about reserving vehicles made by some of the finest brands on the market— such as Lincoln, Mercedes, and Cadillac—to safely ride to and from your events. From stretch limousines and SUVs to vans, sedans, and Mini Coach buses, these vehicles are fully maintained and polished to showroom quality—and they uphold the VIP treatment unlike any other ride can.

To top it all off, you’ll have an experienced professional driver who’ll safely navigate the roads for you.

What are the most popular types of luxury transportation for sporting events? Find out below:


Nothing says “luxury” more than a stretch limousine or a Mercedes Sprinter van. Beyond that, they’re also capable of accommodating large groups. It’s no wonder Calgary limo service continues to be in demand.


When SUVs are your choice for luxury transportation in Calgary, you get to retain that sleekness while being more eco-friendly as they’re known to be more fuel-efficient.


Luxury sedans are perfect for smaller groups of up to four passengers.


Looking for a ride that can accommodate up to 24 passengers? You’ll find that a luxury Mini Coach shuttle is the perfect choice that doesn’t fall short in the department of sophistication.

Reasons to Rent Luxury Transportation on Game Day

the Stresses of Driving Through Traffic

When it’s game day, you already know that the streets are going to be crowded with sports fans headed to the event. Do you really want to be stressed out and exert all that effort driving through traffic? Of course, you don’t.

Opting for sports event transportation means you can sit back, relax, and reserve your energy for all that cheering you’ll be doing. After all, you’ve waited all season for this game—you don’t want your mood to be ruined by navigating through all the traffic.

Bond with Friends and Family During the Whole Trip

It’s not every day that you, your family, and your friends get to gather and watch the team you’re rooting for at Calgary sports events. It’s a special day, and you deserve to make equally special memories with everyone on board. Whether you’re documenting the trip on the way for a vlog, taking photos, or just simply catching up, it’s hard to do any of that if you’re the one who’s driving.

Plus, think of all the stories you’d be recounting on the way home. From that last-minute touchdown to that unbelievable three-point shot, there are plenty of highlights you’ll be discussing on the way back from the event. You don’t want to miss out on the conversation because you’re focusing on the road. Choosing luxury transportation in Calgary on sports event days means you get to create even more fun memories to look back on.

No Need to Worry About Looking for A Parking Space 

We’ve all dealt with the horrors of not being able to find a parking space at a crowded event. Not only is this incredibly stressful, but not finding a spot in time could even mean you might miss a portion of the game. Not on our watch though. Don’t ever miss a moment of Calgary sports events when you opt for luxury transportation. Our friendly staff will take care of the parking spot hunting for you, while you head on in and enjoy the game.

Get Dropped off at the Entrance and Picked up Right After

Finding a parking spot is just the beginning of the battle. If the space you scored happens to be far away from the entrance, that’s a major inconvenience you’d have to be dealing with.

When you opt for Calgary limo service or luxury sports event transportation, you can enjoy the convenience of getting dropped off at the entrance and picked up right after as well.

Arrive in Style

Calgary limo service enables you to arrive in style no matter where you go. You deserve the VIP treatment—and what better way to treat yourself on game day than with luxury sports event transportation?

Gameday Luxury Transportation in Calgary Isn’t Just For Sport Fans

Don’t be mistaken though; luxury transportation in Calgary isn’t just for sports fans. Sports teams love them just as much.

Mini Coach shuttle service is a popular choice for transporting athletes to and from events. This type of vehicle can carry up to 24 passengers and features top-tier interiors that enable the whole team to sit back, relax, and prep themselves for the big game.

How To Choose the Right Luxury Sports Event Transportation in Calgary 

Choosing the right luxury transportation in Calgary doesn’t have to be tricky. Here’s what you need to consider before finalizing a reservation:

  • A company with a good track record

Make sure that you’re booking your reservation with a company that has a good track record. This way, you can ensure both safety and comfort all throughout your ride.

  • Size of your group

Ensure that the vehicle you’re reserving can accommodate the whole group and all the essential items you’ll be bringing along.

  • Your budget 

Calgary limo service and other luxury transportation is available at various rates. Setting a budget will help you narrow down your options and select the most suitable vehicle.

About Ambassador Limousines 

When it comes to Calgary limo service and other luxury transportation, Ambassador Limousines is always the first draft pick. Our attention to every detail of your trip ensures that your Calgary sports events will be even more memorable.

Our team is no stranger to elevating sports event transportation. Learn more about our fleet below, including limousines, SUVs, Transit Vans, shuttles, and sedans:

Our Fleet 


Mercedes Sprinter
Stretch Limousine

Passengers: 12

Our Mercedes Stretch Sprinter continues to set the bar high for sports event transportation. Not only is it perfect for a large group of passengers, but it’s also capable of accommodating five large, three medium, and two carry-on pieces. It’s roomy. It’s sleek. And it’s Calgary limo service for large groups at its finest.

Lincoln MKT Stretch

Passengers: 8

Experience the customized VIP treatment courtesy of our Lincoln MKT Stretch. Whether you want to relax in quiet elegance or celebrate with bright lights and music—with this vehicle, you can celebrate the event in a style that’s totally you.


Escalades &
Yukon Denalis

Passengers: 6

Known for their classy look, Escalades and Denalis are top choices for sports event transportation. These spacious rides provide seating for up to 6 passengers and feature almost 30 cubic feet of space. They can also hold up to up to four large and three medium pieces of luggage or four large and four carry-ons.

If you’re heading straight from the airport to the big game, there’s no need to drop your luggage elsewhere just so you’ll feel cozy. With our top-tier luxury transportation, you can pull up like a boss at your future Calgary sports events.


Mini-Coach Shuttle Services

Passengers: 24

Will you and all your closest family and friends be cheering your favourite team on at the next big game? Then make sure you arrive in style and in full force—there’s no need to split up into separate vehicles. Our Mini-Coach can carry up to 24 passengers. You and the whole gang can make the ride to and from the event an unforgettable adventure filled with fun memories.

Mini-Coach shuttles are also well-known for offering immense comfort and an exceptionally smooth ride for a large vehicle. Did we mention it also has the capacity to hold up to 20 pieces of luggage?

Whether you’re a group of family and friends or a sports team heading to the event, this vehicle checks all the boxes.

Transit Van 

Passengers: 14

Looking for a comfy ride that’s smaller than the Mini-Coach shuttle? Our Transit Van is here for you. Offering 3-point harness seat belts and a luggage capacity of up to 15 large pieces, it can seamlessly accommodate a group of 14 passengers. There’s never an ounce of worry about space or safety in our premium Transit Vans.


Lincoln MKT,
Cadillac XT6

Passengers: 4

Looking for an impressive Sedan? That search stops when you meet our Lincoln MKTs and Cadillac XT6s, which can carry 1 to 4 passengers. It also has the capacity to hold four large, one medium, and three carry-on pieces of luggage or five medium, one large, and one carry-on piece of luggage.

The Calgary Limo Service Team You’ll Be Rooting For: Ambassador Limousines 

When experiencing life’s most exciting events, you deserve nothing less than the VIP treatment.

Here at Ambassador Limousines, we consistently deliver Calgary limo service at its finest and are known for taking sports event transportation to whole new levels of safe, enjoyable, and comfortable.

When it comes to luxury transportation in Calgary, we’re the team you’ll be rooting for.

Make your reservation with us today.