What is a Limousine and What is a Stretch Limousine?

What is a limousine?

A limousine is a luxury vehicle driven by a professional chauffeur. High-end Sedans, SUV’s, vans and stretches can provide limousine service.  Limousines are often used for special occasions such as weddings, graduations or corporate events. They are also used for airport transportation or simply to make a good impression. Regardless of the reason, a limousine will  surely add a touch of class and sophistication to any event.

What is a stretch limousine?

A stretch limousine is only one of the many types of limousines available.  It’s the vehicle people picture when they think about a limousine.  A stretch is the long, Chauffeured vehicle with a partition between the driver and the passengers.

Stretch limousines offer a lot of space and luxury.  Most have bluetooth capability, and some also have televisions. For passengers who want to imbibe, ice and glasses are provided. Drinks can be kept on ice through the ride. 

Why opt for a stretch limousine?

Stretch limousines embody the idea of class and elegance. Although you can get similar experiences with other types of limousines, there is no experience the same as the stretch limousine experience. A stretch limousine captures everyone’s attention.  You’ll feel luxurious while enjoying the VIP limousine treatment. 


Limousines aren’t just the long stretch limousines people picture.  But the long stretch limousines offer the most unique experience of all the limousines that can be rented.  

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Different Occasions Your Kids Can Enjoy a Limo Rental

Most people believe only a specific demographic rents limousines. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Limousines are for everyone. No matter your age, income, or social status, you can enjoy the benefits of a limo service. 

Even your kids can enjoy a memorable limousine ride. Here are some of the best occasions to get a limo rental for your children:


A limo ride is a unique experience for any child, and it can be a great addition to any birthday celebration. You can rent a limo to go to a theme park, dinner, the movies, or just to tour the city. You can also use a limo ride to take your child to their friend’s birthday party. No matter where you decide to go in the limo, your child is sure to have a memorable birthday experience.


Graduations signify a child’s hard work and accomplishment. Your kids have worked hard for years and they deserve a memorable graduation. Booking a limousine is a nice way to ensure they have a memorable time. The graduates can invite all their friends and enjoy a luxurious ride to and from the ceremony.

Celebration of Achievements

Your child has just achieved something remarkable – a big win in a sporting event, an A on a difficult test, or maybe they’ve just been accepted to college. This is a time to celebrate, and what better way to do it than with a luxurious limo ride?

A limousine ride is a unique way to show your child how proud you are of them. It’s also a great way to make the day extra special. You can take the scenic route or go to a fun destination like an amusement park or a fancy restaurant.

Special Parent-Child Dates

Taking your kids out on special dates is a great way to bond with them and create lasting memories. Those memories can be made even more special by renting a limousine. A luxurious limo ride will make your children feel extra special.  There doesn’t even need to be a special occasion for you to treat your kids to something as memorable as a limo ride. It might even be more fun for your children to remember that random Tuesday when their parents picked them up from school in a limo and took them to their favourite restaurant. 


Limo rides are not just for adults or celebrities. Kids can enjoy them too. A limo ride is a perfect way to make any occasion special, whether it is a birthday, graduation or just a night out on the town. Renting a limousine is becoming more and more popular.  Be sure to consider a limo the next time you are looking for something fun to do.
Ambassador Limousine is the number one choice for premier limo rentals in Calgary. No matter the occasion, we’ll be sure to provide you and your kids with the best limo experience.  Find out more about our fleet and our services today!

5 Tried and Tested Tips to Make The Most of Solo Travel

If you want a mix of business and leisure for your next trip, here are some tried and tested tips to assist you.

1. Do your research

The world is a big place filled with thousands of exceptional tourist destinations. You have to decide what you want from your trip. Are you looking for business, leisure or a mix of both?

Knowing what you want before you plan your trip is essential. Do some background research on the places you want to visit in your leisure time.  That will allow you to effectively plan your leisure time around business meetings and work days. 

2. Make the most of the airport lounges

If you’re travelling for business, check to see if the airline you’re travelling with has a lounge at the airport.  That will allow you to enjoy the lounge amenities. Airport lounge amenities will keep you relaxed and comfortable and help you arrive fresh at your destination. You can also use an airport lounge to hold business meetings in a peaceful setting, and you can use their free Wi-Fi to do some work.

3. Choose a hotel that caters to both business and leisure needs

If you’re working during your entire trip you might want to select a hotel with business amenities. These amenities include 24-hour concierge services, conference rooms, a business center,  reliable Wi-Fi connection, ergonomic desk chairs, and ample desk space.

Conversely, if you need some time to unwind, you might want to select a hotel that also has leisure amenities such as a lounge, pool, spa or gym. 

You should look for a hotel that can provide the best of both worlds.  After a long day of meetings or seminars you want to relax and wind down. 

4. Book a limousine service and save time on transit

Once you’ve arrived at your destination, you want to minimize your travel time.  Booking a limousine or professional car service will allow you to travel directly from Point A to Point B in comfort. A limousine service guarantees pick-up time, and a limousine Chauffeur will ensure that you get to your destination safely, promptly and comfortably.  A limo service will also make your trip more enjoyable because you have the luxury of someone else driving you in an unfamiliar city.

Compared to a public transit service, limo service provides guaranteed arrival time, personal service and direct routing to your destination. Using a limo service should be one of your top considerations when travelling for business.

5. Take a city tour in your free time

There are many things to do in the free time you have before a flight that’s hours away.  Whether you go sightseeing, shopping or visiting some tour attractions, a limo service is a great option to get you there.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for Calgary limousine services, nothing beats Ambassador Limousines. You can use our beautiful limousines as a shuttle between meetings, site visit transportation, airport transfers, or as a way to impress clients. Contact us today for more information.

What You Need to Know About Luxury Airport Limo Rides

When heading to the airport, you may already be stressed from packing and worrying about arriving on time. When travelling from the airport you may be jet lagged. In either case, you don’t want to stress about transportation. If you want to turn your airport ride into a stress-free, more positive experience, consider booking a luxury airport limousine service.

Limousine services need proper licensing to operate

Before you book your airport limousine ride, ensure the limo company is reputable and safe to travel with. Limousine companies must have a business license for the city they operate in, no matter what type of transportation they provide – stretch limos, shuttle buses, sedans, etc.

Limousine services have high standards for their vehicles

Limousine vehicles should always meet high standards. Reputable limo companies adhere to all the safety guidelines and standards that are outlined in the bylaws of the city they operate in. These standards are meant to ensure all limo vehicles are safe to operate, and all chauffeurs are trained to provide a safe, professional level of service.

Anyone can book an airport limousine

Airport Limousine service has vehicles that cater to everyone’s needs. You can book sedans, SUV’s, vans and Mini Coach shuttle buses. The drivers are well versed in the art of customer service and will provide you with an exceptional limousine experience.

Don’t be afraid to ask the limo service what types of vehicles and services they have to offer.

Final thoughts on your airport limousine service

Travelling to and from the airport shouldn’t be stressful. You can easily enjoy your ride to the airport with the help of a luxury airport limo service. When booking an airport limo service, make sure you book with a reputable and professional limo company. Look for testimonials and reviews that mention professional service, clean and well-maintained vehicles, and licensed and professional, experienced chauffeurs.

Enjoy your ride to the airport in luxury, style, and comfort with the help of Ambassador Limousines. We are a luxury airport limo rental in Calgary, providing sedans, stretch limousines, buses, and professional drivers for Calgary and surrounding areas. We can accommodate all your luxury limo transportation needs. Book now!

7 Top Considerations When Hiring a Limo

Limousines are the perfect ride for special events, especially if you want to arrive in style. When you hire a limousine service, you expect comfort, safety, luxury and top-notch service. 

If you want to ensure a smooth experience you should compare limousine companies in order to find the one that meets all of your needs. Here are the top considerations to get you started:

1. Pricing packages

Different companies have different prices and packages depending on the duration of time the vehicle is needed for, and the type of vehicle required. At Ambassador Limousine our pricing is ‘all-in’, it includes rate, gratuity, fuel and tax.  Ambassador will give you one inclusive quote. If you need a recommendation or assistance choosing the right vehicle we’re happy to assist. 

Once you have spoken to our friendly reservations team and made a decision we’ll send you a written confirmation with all the trip details. 

2. Fleet availability

You want to check out the fleet of vehicles each limousine company has to offer and what their availability is. You want to ensure that you can get the specific type of vehicle that you need for your event.

Here are some types of vehicles that are worth considering:

Sedan — Lincoln MKT

For clients with one to four passengers, sedans are an ideal choice. For instance, the Lincoln MKT is a sleek pick that provides luxury and comfort. The MKT is perfect for corporate clients. It is a good transportation choice for traveling between meetings or for airport transfers. It has space to accommodate up to four large pieces of luggage.

SUV — Chevrolet Suburban

For slightly larger groups, SUVs are an excellent option. Our SUV fleet can comfortably seat up to six adults, while still having room to accommodate luggage, or additional items that you need for your event. Moreover, SUVs are larger, higher, and heavier-built than Sedans, so passengers can enjoy taller seating and better leg room.

Stretch Limousine — Lincoln MKT Stretch

Arriving in a stretch limousine  – who can resist? Exude elegance and style while enjoying a private pre-party with up to eight people. Ambassador Limousine Services will play your music on their bluetooth sound system, and customize interior lighting to your taste. 

Mini-Coach Shuttle

For groups of up to 24 people, a mini-coach is the perfect shuttling option. These large luxury vehicles are perfect for leisure trips, business conventions and weddings. Not only will you have peace of mind because the entire group is in one place, you can also have fun and bond with each other while traveling to your destination.

3. Insurance

All limousine companies are required to have proper commercial insurance.  Your reservations agent can provide you with the extent of insurance provided with a limousine rental upon request. 

4. Safety

Safety is always an important consideration. You should choose a limousine company that commits to providing high-quality, well-maintained vehicles. Ambassador Limousine has in-house detailing, mechanic and body shop teams. These experts maintain safety on the road by ensuring regular mechanical maintenance.

5. Contracts and payment plans

You want to ensure that you understand what is included in the final quote, what additional charges are if the trip time goes over, what forms of payment are accepted, if deposits are taken, if credit cards are pre-authorized, and when you’ll be invoiced. Knowing these things will ensure you’re clear with all the expectations and processes. 

6. Customer Service

You want to make sure the company is available when you need them. Check if they have an office you can visit to view the fleet and meet with the employees. 

When looking into a limousine company, check out how easy it is to access customer service and support. For example, can they be reached 24/7?  Ambassadors reservations team is available 24/7. Find out if the most efficient way to communicate is via telephone or email. Communication and reliability are key components when it comes to exceptional customer service. 

It’s also important to know if the limousine company you’re considering has an online booking system. Many limousine companies allow you to book limousine reservations online. 

7. Online reviews and Website 

Doing some research about the limousine company you want to hire is advisable. You should check reviews to find out about their services and drivers, and what their clients experiences were.  In addition, should check their website for fleet pictures, company information and testimonials. All of these things will help you to make an informed decision.

Final thoughts

When it comes to choosing the best limousine company, you want to make sure you select the one that meets all of your needs. 

Your choice for a limousine company should provide you with competitive pricing, an extensive fleet collection, safety, clear pricing, and excellent customer service — a company just like Ambassador Limousine. 

Are you looking for a limo rental in Calgary for your next event? Contact us at Ambassador Limousine right away. We have a large fleet of limos and buses with professional chauffeurs to handle your trips within Calgary and nearby areas. Book a reservation today.

What is a Stretch Limousine?

While there are different types of limousines like Sedans, SUVs, and party buses, there is one specific type of limousine that is highly popular: the stretch limousine.  When people think of limousines, they automatically think of long, fancy cars with a chauffeur. To learn more about stretch limousines, keep reading below.

What is a stretch limousine?

A stretch limousine is a luxury vehicle a professional chauffeur drives. Stretch limousines are often used for special occasions like weddings, graduations and business events. They are also used for airport transportation or simply to make a good impression. Regardless of the reason for renting a limousine, it will surely add a touch of class and sophistication to any event.

The following traits are what makes a luxury vehicle a limousine:

  • The vehicle has a long wheelbase
  • The vehicle is being chauffeured
  • The chauffeur and passenger areas are separated by a partition with an intercom available to communicate with the chauffeur
  • Music and mood lighting

A stretch limousine is only one of the many types of limousines available. However, it is the one most people picture when they think about what a limousine is. It is the long car that is being chauffeured with a partition between the chauffeur and the passenger.

Stretch limousines have a lot of space in the back for extra comfort. Stretch limousines customers often enjoy their ride with music, drinks and mood lighting.

Why rent a stretch limousine?

Stretch limousines embody class and elegance. While you may get a similar experience with other types of limousines, the stretch limousine experience is different. You will easily attract attention wherever you go, making you feel like a VIP.

Additionally, other limousine types do not offer the same amenities as stretch limousines. Stretch limousines offer a lot of room for your comfort and the ability to enjoy drinks, music and a sunroof.


Now that you know more about why a stretch limousine is the ultimate limousine experience, what are you waiting for?!  Picture yourself and your loved ones in a luxurious stretch limousine. The limousine is stocked with your choice of beverage, the lights are colourful and ambient, and the sound of your favourite music is playing in the background.  Rent a stretch limousine today!

Limousines are chauffeured luxury vehicles with specific traits. They are not necessarily the long cars that one would picture; however, these stretch limousines are favoured by most guests who rent limousines. This is because stretch limousines offer an excellent experience like no other. What are you waiting for? Rent a stretch limousine today!

Do you need limousine services in Calgary? Contact Ambassador Limousines today.  We provide various limousine services from general to corporate and even private events or tours. Get in touch with us to book our services at Ambassador Limousines.

Seven compelling reasons to rent a Limousine for your next event

If you’re going to take the time to plan an event and you want it to be truly memorable, then you should think about hiring a limousine. It’s the perfect form of transportation іf уоu are looking to impress your guests. Let’s look at some of the benefits of hiring a limousine.

1. A classy way to get from place to place

Are you planning something extra special? Maybe a family gathering, a trip to the mountains, or a 5-Star dinner? If you’re looking to impress your guests, whether it’s the ease of planning or making a statement, then a limousine rental іѕ a great way to do it. The very sight of a limousine approaching will command attention and awe. 

When you step inside and slide into the back seat, you can be sure that everyone will be watching you. Of course, you could always drive your own vehicle to any of these destinations, but the limousine will make it feel like you’re getting away from it all. For a memorable experience, you can’t go wrong with a limousine from Ambassador Limousine and Shuttle Service.

2. Ideal for VIP events

If you’re planning an event you want to ensure your VIP guests will enjoy, you should consider hiring a limousine. This is especially true when you’re attending an important client or business meeting with associates. 

An event might require a couple of limousines, such as for a bachelor or bachelorette party or for a wedding. If you are looking at planning an unforgettable evening with family or with those important VIP clients, having a limousine parked nearby will add to the atmosphere and help you make a great impression.

Limousines are known in the business world for creating excitement. Many businesses hire limousines for guest entertainment because they make the business stand out. Thеу are a great way to impress new clients or even a couple of close friends.

3. Make a lasting impression on guests

Hiring a limousine for an event is a great way to make sure your guests will remember the experience. They can take pictures and share them on social media. They’ll want to tell their followers about what they did. Hiring a limousine makes a lasting impression. This is because limousines іnсrеаѕе a sense of fun and excitement. 

4. Perfect for transporting large groups of people

Oftentimes, events are going to require transportation for groups. Hiring a limousine is an easy way to handle the transportation needs of your guest. You will get ease of planning and orchestrating the event; everything flows together and the transportation is taken care of while you are noshing on appetizers or partaking in a little bubbly along the way. 

Lastly, уоu’ll have a lot of fun. If уоu’rе planning an event for your guests іn a large group, you’ll want to make sure you can give them a unique experience. 

5. It’s all about the experience

When you’re looking for a way to make your event truly memorable, the limousine rental is an excellent choice. The vehicle itself is an attraction. It’s a luxury some people have never had the chance to experience. It’s something  they’ll love to talk about and will want to share with others. Making your event memorable will ensure your guests tell others about it, which will help you build your business. It’s a perfect соmbіnаtіоn of experience and marketing!

6. Take your guests on a tour of the city

Hiring a limousine is perfect if you want to give your guests a cityscape tour of Calgary. You can take them around Calgary’s most popular attractions. Not only will they enjoy their day, but they will also be able to tell everyone about it.

If it’s a corporate event you’re planning, a limousine would be a perfect соnnесtіоn bеtwееn уоur business as you take your VIP clients around town. It adds a bit of fun, too. 

If you’re planning ѕоmething more casual, a limousine is also ideal. You can take them on a tour of a few high points. Over the course of the day, you can take them from venue to venue, never worrying about parking or rush hour traffic. Your guests will enjoy the adventure and you will enjoy the chance to show them some of the most popular attractions around our city.

7. Give your guests a feel for luxury

There are many ways to provide your guests an enjoyable experience. Hiring a limousine is a great way to do it. When they step into the vehicle they will feel like they’ve stepped into a luxurious world with pristine detailing and amenities. The vehicle itself is of the highest quality and in showroom condition. It’s the perfect way to serve an upscale clientele 

It’s never too late to rent a limousine

Thе rеаѕоnѕ to hire a lіmоuѕіnе аrе vаѕt. Not only is it a way for уоu to еmbеllіѕh your event, but it’s also уоur opportunity tо impress уоur guests with a unique experience. There іѕ no need to ѕhу away frоm your event рlаnnіng. A lіmоuѕіnе is juѕt what уоu nееd to make уоur upcoming event a memorable one. It’s nоt too late to rent a limousine today.

These are some of the reasons that you would want to hire a limousine for your event. It’s an excellent choice for VIP events, for large groups, or for any occasion you want to make a lasting impression on your guests. They will certainly have an exceptional time while they travel in style.

Limousines have always been an icon of comfort, elegance and style. That’s why Ambassador Limousine and Shuttle Service focuses on providing the best limousine service in Calgary. Our chauffeurs will transport you safely and comfortably to your destination. You can rest assured that our limousines are well-maintained and polished at all times. Contact us today to request a quote.

Reasons Limo Transportation is Better for Your Wedding

Are you planning a wedding to celebrate one of the most important days of your life? If so, you probably want to make the day as unique and memorable as possible. To help ensure your transportation is perfect, read why you should “say yes” to  limousine transportation.

A dash of style

One of the best reasons to hire a limousine is because it adds style to your ceremony and reception. What is more stylish than rolling up in a beautiful limousine?

Everyone wants to be pampered on their big day.  If you’re wondering whether your wedding day is justification enough for a limo, the day you get married is one of the top four occasions calling for this splurge.

A stress reliever

You don’t need a survey to determine that planning a wedding is stressful. It’s why the terms bridezilla and groomzilla exist! Whether or not you have a wedding coordinator, there are attendance confirmations, down payments and even purchasing giveaways to the bridal party. You shouldn’t worry about driving a car to get to the ceremony on time or about a potential traffic jam on your wedding night.

Ambassador Limousine Service will take care of your transportation details. Instead of worrying about the time and jumping through traffic on your big day, you can sit back and relax while your professional chauffeur handles all the logistics and details.

The best comfort

Besides setting the tone, adding style, warranting many Instagram photos and making a memorable experience, a limousine will also ensure you travel comfortably – up to 8 people to your desired location.

Great photo ops

Let’s be honest. We all want picture-perfect wedding photos. They are a keepsake, a reminder and they keep the day alive for years.

In addition, most brides and grooms don’t just want staged pictures taken outside at a church or wedding venue. They want to have some unique photo opportunities. A limousine provides this in spades because it shouts elegance.

High-end limousines are gorgeous and provide the perfect backdrop for some of the more casual or playful wedding pictures. You want to include some limousine photos in your Instagram feed.

Setting the tone

A wedding is all about celebration, romance and glamour. Hiring a limousine is one of the easiest ways to mark your wedding day as an extra special occasion. No matter how much effort you exert into food and decor, there’s nothing that can seal the deal and add a final pop of glam like a limousine will. 

If you hire a limousine for your special day you’ll feel pampered as soon as you step inside. This keeps the spirit of the occasion going and turns your journey into something ultra special.

Grab a Wedding Limo in Calgary 

Contact Ambassador Limousines and Shuttle Services to secure a limousine in Calgary today. We provide the largest fleet of buses, chauffeurs and private transport for various events. Book now via our website.

5 Things to Consider When Booking a Wedding Limo Service

A wedding is one of the most memorable days of a person’s life. Because of how momentous the occasion is, you will want to make the day as spectacular as it can be. Aside from the venue, the clothes, and the decor, you also have to consider transportation sooner, rather than later. We suggest you book a limousine for your bridal party and potentially some of your VIP guests. 

With a limousine, you’ll enjoy the ultimate comfort, style, and luxury—three things you need on that special day. If a luxury limousine sounds exciting to you here are some things to keep in mind to ensure your experience meets your expectations and fits your budget.

1. Identify traffic patterns and the most efficient route

When heading to your wedding venue, having a traffic backup plan is critical. Ambassador Limousine Services ensures a backup plan because being prepared makes a world of difference. It’s also important to determine which route to take so you don’t waste time or get caught in a construction zone.

In planning your wedding day itinerary, timing is important. It is crucial to ensure your chauffeur knows the traffic patterns and can get you to your destination on schedule.

2. Think about how large the wedding party will be

Your wedding party should be able to fit in a stretch limousine. Always view the vehicle you are considering to ensure everyone fits comfortably. Most wedding limos can accommodate as many as 8 to 10 people. If your wedding party is large, you will need to rent multiple limousines for the big day. 

Also consider the size of your dress. Can you move comfortably? Will you be able to “scoot” on a limousine seat? How many doors does the limo have for added comfort? Perhaps a Sprinter style limousine is a better option for ease of comfort?

3. Consider specific occasions related to the wedding

Celebrations are generally held before, after, and during the wedding. If you want to enjoy the celebration completely, you might need to book a limousine for an extended period.

  • Airport arrival and departure

When you are about to jet off for your honeymoon, how will you get safely to the airport? A limousine ensures you will arrive on time for your exciting adventure. Will  you have family members flying in for your wedding?  You may consider having a limousine pick them up so they feel VIP special.

  • Rehearsal Dinner

The rehearsal dinner will likely be a wonderful gathering of your closest family and friends. If you want to make the night memorable, consider a luxurious limousine to complement the night.

  • Wedding Ceremony

The wedding ceremony will be the most memorable part of the celebration. After all, this is the time you will be committing to the person you love. Consider arriving at the church or venue in a limousine. You’ll arrive relaxed, on time and in style. 

  • Wedding Reception

Transportation will be an important part of the wedding reception for you and your guests. Your guests will want to get to the venue promptly, and after the reception a limousine or shuttle will be able to whisk them back to their hotels. Hiring a limousine and professional chauffeur will ensure that everything runs smoothly.

4. Ask about pricing and package deals

If you want to enjoy your wedding day thoroughly, you might want to consider booking the limo for the entire day or even longer.

5. Make the most of professional chauffeurs 

Our reliable, professional Chauffeurs will get you to your destination on time and without added stress.

Final Thoughts

A wedding is a special occasion, and it is crucial to ensure things go smoothly from start to finish. To do that, you need to consider your transportation as one of your first priorities. An Ambassador limousine will get you to the venue safely and in style. It will also provide a fun environment for you and your guests to celebrate throughout the day.

If you’re looking for a luxury limo rental in Calgary, Ambassador Limousine and Shuttle Service is the perfect partner for you. Explore our fleet of beautiful limousines so you and your bridal party can enjoy your wedding day. Call us today so we can make your special day even more memorable. 

5 Best Areas in Calgary for Your Next Girl’s Night Out

Calgary is the perfect city in Canada for an epic girls’ night out. With plenty of class and sophistication, you and your gal pals will have a night to remember. With so many different places to go, you might have a hard time choosing. We have compiled our findings into this quick blog for you – let’s start planning your next outing. If this is something you’re interested in learning more about, read on as we talk about the five best areas in Calgary for your next girls’ night out.


Beltline District stretching along 10th, 11th and 12th Avenues SW, is home to many art galleries and contemporary furniture showrooms. There are plenty of options for food, drink, and entertainment in this area. This is perfect if you’re looking to escape the fast-paced nightlife of the city.

17th Avenue 

17th Avenue will surely have something for everyone. This is why 17th Avenue is the perfect place to enjoy a night out on the town. With plenty of retail boutiques, pubs and live music, there’s always something going on. This location is a huge hit with locals as it offers diversity and numerous options.

International Avenue

As the name implies, you’ll have a good mix of things to do on International Avenue. A multicultural hotspot in Calgary allows you to find quite a few options for events, mouth-watering restaurants and pubs. You can find dishes from all over the world here.


This one should be rather obvious as it is many people’s first stop when visiting Calgary is Downtown. It’s easy to see why: on busy weekdays, you can find a mix of local business people and street performers, all grabbing a drink after a long day. Downtown is also home to some of the world’s top brands and unique stores. So, you can shop, eat and drink all in one place.

Eau Claire

Eau Claire is Calgary’s festival district because of the numerous events and festivals that are hosted here. Situated on the banks of the Bow River, Eau Claire is the perfect place to catch a movie and experience all that downtown Calgary has to offer. With so many unique areas to explore, there is something for everyone in Eau Claire.


We hope this article proves to be useful when it comes to helping you choose what to do for your next night out with your friends. As you can see, you’ve got a slew of different choices that will adequately match your needs and interests. Feel free to look back on this article if you need a little more help planning your next girls’ night out so that you can choose the best activities for you and your friends.

If you’re looking for a reliable limo service in Calgary, then you’ve come to the right place. Our top priority is attention to detail, as we take pride in offering top-of-the-line service – keeping clients happy, one trip at a time. Our Reservations team will take excellent care of your booking needs. Our Chauffeur team will transport you safely between your pick-up and destination. Our partner company – Rocky Mountain Auto & Collison maintains our entire fleet with respect to maintenance and detailing. Our attention to every detail of your trip ensures that the time you spend with us will be memorable. For more information, visit our website today!